How to Place Your Order

Here's how to place your order:

Click on the link to the appropriate order form below (US, Canadian, or Offshore),

Print it out,

Check or mark the items you want, add up the total $$ amount, 


Mail it, with payment, to:

Guy Lautard

2570 Rosebery Avenue

West Vancouver, B.C.  V7V 2Z9


Be sure to include your name and mailing address on the order form.


Your e-mail address is also very much appreciated for quick, no-cost communication if needed.  Your phone number is a good idea also.  (We will not share such information with anyone without your explicit permission.)

Payment - can be by personal check, money order, bank draft, or bank money order.  (US customers can no longer purchase money orders from USPS.)

Please note: I am not set up to take credit cards, PayPal, etc.

All prices include postage (except for the Octopus casting).

Orders are sent by the Post Office..


At the moment, the following titles are out of print, and therefore not available:

                                                                                The Machinist's Bedside Reader (TMBR#1)
                                                                                The Machinist's Second Bedside Reader (TMBR#2)
                                                                                The Machinist's Third Bedside Reader (TMBR#3)     
                                                                                Clockmaking for the Home Shop Machinist.
                                                                                Tables and Instructions for Ball and Radius Generation.

I am working on new arrangements whereby these titles will hopefully once again be available.

Please keep an eye on this website for further news regarding this matter in the next few weeks. 
In the meantime, you can still order any of our plans, clock plans,
videos, Guy's Index to the Bedside Readers, the Gruppo #1 CD, etc.
  US flag red dot   US Customers Order Form


The cost to mail a letter from the US to Canada is US$1.15 in US postage. 

"Forever" stamps cannot be used to send letters outside the U.S.  However, the USPS now issues Global Forever stamps which, at date of writing, cost $1.10 for a 1 oz. letter.

Payment may be made by personal check, or money orders (such as Target or 7-11.  Please note that USPS no longer sells International money orders, and USPS domestic money orders are not cashable in Canada. 

Whatever instrument you use, please confirm with the seller that it will be cashable without charge outside the U.S.A.

If you need further clarification about an order or ordering, please e-mail Margaret Lautard at  

red line

Cdn flag   red dot  Canadian Customers Order Form   

Postage and appropriate taxes are included in our prices. Choose the price list that applies to your province or territory.

Note that the PST portion of the HST is not required to be charged on bound books in any province or territory. HST is
payable on plans, CD’s, DVD’s, the protractor, and Octopus casting.

Due to a change in B.C. tax regulations which came into effect April 1, 2013,  Provincial Sales Tax (PST) is no longer
charged on any of our products (including for
things like the 2-minute vernier protractor). B.C. residents should therefore
use the prices given for AB, SK, MB, etc. Changes
to all affected areas of  the website will be made as soon as possible.

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red dot  Order Form for Customers Outside Canada and the U.S.A.

All items will be sent by airmail (4-7 days) except for books. Books will be sent by surface mail (4-6 weeks) unless the indicated additional amount required for airmail (6-10 days) is added.

Overseas Customers: please pay in Canadian funds (or the equivalent in US dollars on the day the funds are purchased)

Whatever the method you use, please make sure your instrument is negotiable without charge in Canada

Bank draft negotiable in Canada, payable to Guy Lautard.  It must be drawn on a Canadian bank if in Canadian funds, or on a US bank if in US funds,

Bank money order payable to Guy Lautard.

Money transfer services such as Western Union in Canadian funds. If you use such a method of payment, please make payable to Margaret Lautard (so she can collect it). Please also e-mail her the reference number she will require when she picks it up. 


NOTE: Some customers have told me they have found that sending Canadian or US CASH by registered mail, for amounts that would be typical when ordering things from us, is the most convenient and practical way to send payment.  This is frowned upon by the post office, and of course we cannot be responsible for lost cash. But if you send cash, and we get it, we will send you your goodies. (One guy sent me more than $400 cash, from Australia, in an unsealed envelope! I couldn't believe it. (I would've put 5 wraps of clear packing tape on it!) We later spoke on the phone, and when I expressed my surprise, he said, "Aw well - it's only money, Mate.") 

If you want more details about payment options, please e-mail